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Three Layers

With a layer of clear Tekta on the bottom and top, the middle layer is made of up blue glasses that I originally used for the stained glass window (Light Sky Blue, Steel Blue, Aqua Blue, and Light Turquoise Blue).  All the pieces are purposely cut to be irregular and overlap each other in different ways. The entire thing is contained within an 8″ circular vermiculite dam, lined with ceramic fiber paper.

Three Layers of Glass


I like the various levels of transparency in the fused piece, and also the irregular shapes. But because of the ceramic fiber paper, the edges have needling (where the glass crept up the taller fiber paper).


Grind It Off

I used a GlasStar grinder to take off the needling at the top edge of the circle.

Top Edge Ground

Ready to Slump

My first thought was to create a plate, so here is the ground piece ready to slump.

Slump As Plate

Ready to Fuse 2

Though it’s hard to see, the blue plate is complete. You can see the light hitting the shelf paper through the raised edge of the plate. But this time in the kiln, I’m going to fuse it flat. I decided that I didn’t like how thick the plate was. When it fuses, it’ll spread out to the usual 6mm thickness.

Ready to Slump Flat

Slump 2

I don’t have a photo of the thinner fused piece, but it worked out as I’d hoped. I’ve also decided I want a bowl and not a plate. So in the top photo is a newly flattened and thinner fused piece ready to slump into the Large Cone Bowl mold. Below is the piece after completely slumping.

Ready to Slump as Bowl
Slumped as Bowl

Final Result

I’m so pleased with the irregular shapes, that I decided to leave the wavy edge of the bowl as-is. The second fuse gave it a wonderful handmade look which I rarely achieve.  Though it’s far from what I’d planned, I’m really glad it went in a different direction.

End Result

Close-up One

The slightly wavy rim, with its glossy rounded edge.

Edge Close-up

Close-up Two

Those beautiful, overlapping, irregular shapes.

Wall Close-up
With Kisses


SEGMENT RATE (deg F / hour) TEMPERATURE (F) HOLD (hours:minutes)
1 350 1225 :45
2 600 1500 :30
3 AFAP 900 2:00
4 100 700 OFF


SEGMENT RATE (deg F / hour) TEMPERATURE (F) HOLD (hours:minutes)
1 300 1200 :30
2 300 1225 1:30
3 AFAP 900 1:00
4 100 700 OFF

* The firing schedules may be designed for other projects that were fired with this one. Everything was fired in a Paragon GL-22AD.