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Load in the Kiln

I didn’t take any photos of the sushi plates under construction.  I had started with Bullseye Glass’s Opaline Sushi Set project but didn’t want square sushi plates. Nor did I want to use opaline glass. Instead I wanted to use a dichroic glass strip (SizzleStix).

On the bottom is a 6″x8″ piece of Black Opalescent 3mm (000100-0030-F), capped with a 6″x8″ piece of Tekta. At the one third mark from left to right (the rule of thirds) is a 6″ piece of SizzleStix.

I’m making two sushi sets (a set is a plate, a small plate, and a chopsticks holder) so I’ve used two SizzleStix and taken the same color section from each–the dark blue to light blue gradient.

Dichroic on Tekta

Fuse It All at the Same Time

The small plates are constructed similar to the large plates in Step 1 above, but are 3.25″ x 3.25″ and use the next section of the SizzleStix. Likewise the chopsticks holders are .75″ x 3.25″ and use the next bit of dichroic glass.

Sushi Plates in Kiln

Ready to Slump

I’m using the Square Slumper A mold (8635) and the Square Slumper B mold (8998) for the small plates.

Sushi Plates Ready to Slump

Slump the Last Pieces

Using the same molds as I did for the small plates, I slumped the chopsticks later when the kiln had room. I didn’t slump these with small and big plates since I’ve only got two of 8998 molds.

Chopsticks Holders Ready to Slump

Final Result

I liked the bullnose edges of these pieces and didn’t coldwork them. It helped that I was picky with cutting the dichroic SizzleStix exactly to length.

Sushi Set Finished
Mmmm, Sushi


SEGMENT RATE (deg F / hour) TEMPERATURE (F) HOLD (hours:minutes)
1 400 1225 :45
2 600 1490 :10
3 AFAP 900 1:00
4 100 700 OFF


SEGMENT RATE (deg F / hour) TEMPERATURE (F) HOLD (hours:minutes)
1 300 1225 :05
2 AFAP 900 1:00
3 100 700 OFF

* The firing schedules may be designed for other projects that were fired with this one. Everything was fired in a Paragon GL-22AD.