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Assorted Stringer

After creating a few projects from a tube of assorted opalescent stringer, I thought I’d use it for jewelry.

Assorted Stringer

Summer Colors

I’m laying out the stringer on top of 3mm white glass and covering it with 3mm clear glass to make a stringer sandwich of sorts.

Summer Colors

Winter Colors

I’ve done the same as the above, except with winter colors. You can see that I’m creating a long but narrow rectangular piece. Once it’s fused, I’ll be sawing the rectangle into smaller pieces.

Winter Colors

Ready for Final Fuse

Unfortunately I have no photos of the first fuse that created the long rectangles, nor of how I used a tile saw to cut narrow sections from it. I totally fell down on the photo job here. In my mind, it was an experiment, but they came out so well!

You can see (in this slightly blurry image) that I’ve sawed the rectangular slabs into narrow pieces that will be dangling earrings. The wider pieces will be matching pendants. This second and final fuse is to remove the marks left by the saw as well as to round the straight edges.


Ready for Final Fuse

Final Result

What started as an experiment has ended with several sets of matching earrings and pendants, in summer and winter colors. How can I not do fall and spring?

Final Results

Close-up One

With a quarter for scale.



SEGMENT RATE (deg F / hour) TEMPERATURE (F) HOLD (hours:minutes)
1 400 1200 :30
2 AFAP 1490 :10
3 AFAP 900 1:00
4 200 700 OFF

* The firing schedules may be designed for other projects that were fired with this one. Everything was fired in a Paragon GL-22AD.