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Decals Printed & Cut

After the success of larger designs like the owls and eyeglasses plates, I thought I’d see if the decals would hold up to some finer printing. I chose portions of the score for Handel’s Messiah (the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices).

Decals Printed and Cut

Vanilla vs. White

I’m actually testing two things in these first two coasters. On the left I’m using French Vanilla (000137) as the base for the decal. On the right I’m using Dense White (00313). Both are 3mm thick. On the left I’ve used a bolder version of the staff lines, notes, and text. As a result, it also has less music.

Two Types of Glass and Printing


Here you can see the difference between the two. Also, in the glare, you can see how well the sticker has adhered to the glass, even taking on its texture.

Larger Print on French Vanilla
Smaller Print on Dense White


Although I don’t have a closeup of the bolder version on French Vanilla at left, I decided that I liked the version on Dense White at right since the text held up just fine and there’s more music.


More Coasters

Although it’s not too important on small pieces of glass (the coasters are 4×4″), I decided to powder the rest with clear fine glass powder to reduce the chance of bubbles. Since the tops of the coasters are all capped with a 3mm layer of clear glass, there’s a chance that bubbles will form between the two layers.

Powdered the Rest

Fused the Rest

The rest of the coasters have fused, and that’s the end of this project!

Fused the Rest

Final Result

This was a fun project from start to finish: from looking through the entire score of Handel’s Messiah, to making decals, to having an entire set of five coasters (each with a different section of the score). I think I’ll have to do another musical piece next.

Set of Five Coasters


Hallelujah indeed.

Corner Close-up
Always With the Grapes


SEGMENT RATE (deg F / hour) TEMPERATURE (F) HOLD (hours:minutes)
1 300 1125 :15
2 100 1225 :15
3 AFAP 1490 :10
4 AFAP 900 1:00
5 100 700 OFF

* The firing schedules may be designed for other projects that were fired with this one. Everything was fired in a Paragon GL-22AD.