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Green, Red, and White Plaid Strip Cut Bowl
Strip Cut Green and Yellow Square Plate
Gray, Amber, and White Strip Cut Square Plate
Pieces of Green Round Plate
Green, Gray, and White Strip Cut Plate
Gray, Black, Blue and Lavender Stack Construction Plate
Fused Stained Glass Tree
Stringer Bowl
Bubble Plate
Sushi Set
Amber and Vanilla Platter
Earrings and Pendants
2mm Stringer Bowl
Red Bubble Plate
Green Bubble Plate
Cherry Blossom Coaster
Cherry Blossom Bowl
Blues Bowl
Blue Diamonds
Eyeglasses Plate
Streak of Red
Forest Strips
Owls Plate
Cranberry Strips
Music Coasters
Antique Map Bracelets
Stringer Jewelry
Up-cycled Wine Bottle
Bubble Coasters
Bubble Plate
Bottle with Swirl
Bottle with Herring-bone Pattern
Streak of Red
Iridescent Rainbows
Isometric Cubes
Blue Strip Platter
Holiday Baubles
Red Sizzle
Stringer Plate
Chip and Dip
Encoded Red
Petite Bubbles