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I used Fused Glass Bubble Sorcery to create yet another bubble plate. I adore these things!

Stringers and Spacers

Ready to Slump

Now that the glass is fully fused and flat, we’re ready to give it a final form. From the start this project has been designed for the Square Slumper mold, No. 8635 (8.5 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches).

On the Mold

Third Time in the Kiln

At the back left is the fused glass, centered on the slump mold, balanced at just the four corners.

Ready to Slump in the Kiln


For once I’ve remembered to photograph the slumped pieces in the kiln! That’s the end of this project.


Final Result

Though I’ve done the bubble plate project before, I’m still amazed at the end result. It’s a real puzzler for some people when they first see it. I think that’s part of my delight.

Bubble Plate, the Red Version

Close-up One

Couldn’t resist a couple of close-ups.

Corner Close-up

Close-up Two

Last one, I promise.

Bubbles Forever
Always With the Grapes