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Bubble Sorcery

This project came directly from an ebook called Fused Glass Bubble Sorcery. Though it called for a final plate size of 6″ x 8″, I wanted an 8″ x 8″ square so adjusted the glass sizes accordingly. For the blue lines I used Bullseye Turquoise Blue Transparent 2mm stringer. For the green I used Spring Green Transparent 2mm stringer. The small pieces of yellow glass are used as spacers between the stringers. By standing them on edge, two together, the 3mm thickness of the yellow glass translates into a consistent 6mm space between the stringers.

I’m afraid I can’t post more details (you can get the ebook here). It sure was fun!

Stringer and Spacers

Ready to Slump

Here it is on the Square Slumper A mold (8635). Because the edges of the two halves of the bubble sandwich were so clean and matched so well, I didn’t coldwork the piece. I liked the rounded edge that fusing gave the piece.

Ready to Slump

Final Result

If you click on the image and zoom in, you’ll see that the bubbles are almost identical in size. All in all, this was a really fun project and I’ll definitely do another.

With Grapes